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Volume: 1 Issue 7 [December 2018]

Article:Economic Assessment of Scab-Resistant Apple Cultivars in Bulgaria

Author: Dimitar Sotirov, Stanislava Dimitrova, Iliyana Krishkova

Volume: Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
DOI: 2018 : 1 (7) : 64-71

Abstract: The study was carried out during 2015-2018 in an apple plantation established in the spring of 2007 at the Institute of Agriculture - Kyustendil (Bulgaria) with fifteen scab resistant apple cultivars (nine foreign and six new Bulgarian), grafted on MM 106 rootstock. The tree productivity, fruit quality and economic indicators - management costs (euro ha-1), gross output (euro ha-1), net incomes (euro ha-1), rate of profitability (%) and prime cost (euro t-1) were established. The result showed that the most productive were cultivars Teser T219, Marlena, Siyana and Gorana - with cumulative yield between 99.3 and 122.4 kg tree-1. The values of the economic indicators were influenced by the quantity and quality of the fruit and the production costs. Teser T219, Siyana, Marlena, Gorana, Florina and Besapara were the most effective cultivars from the economic point of view, with a rate of profitability above 180%.

Cite this article as: Dimitar Sotirov, Stanislava Dimitrova, Iliyana Krishkova;  Economic Assessment of Scab-Resistant Apple Cultivars in Bulgaria;  2018 : 1 (7) : 64-71

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