North American Academic Research

The monthly journal from TWASP 
Online ISSN: 1945-9098
Impact Factor : 3.75 (2023)

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About NAAR

NAAR (north american academic research) is brought to you by TWASP (The World Association of Scientists & Professionals).The objectives of NAAR  are to establish an effective communication among  policy makers, government agencies, academic and research institutions and professional’s person concerned with development of world without borders.

It also aims to promote international empirical research efforts. The international dimension is emphasized in order to understand cultural and national barriers and to meet the needs of borderless scientific and professional community.

NAAR is a refereed monthly publication. Each issue contains high quality orginal scientific research, authoritative review articles, short communication reporting on a variety of topics which is improving science daily. The journal is internationally recognized as the leading publication on open access views with a readership exceeding 50,000 scientists and professionals from more than 74 countries.

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