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Volume: 3 Issue 3 [March 2020]

Article:Discrimination against Women in Mid-Level Position in Workplaces: A Case Study of the Public Institutions in Dhaka City

Author: Saika Shahadat , Muhammad Ihsan- Ul- Kabir

Volume: 3, Issue 3, March-2020
DOI: Nor. Am. Aca. Res. 2020 : 3(3) : 475-509:

Abstract: This study attempted to find out the severity/degree of discrimination against women in mid-level positions at their workplace, especially in an urban setting of Bangladesh and existence of policy gap in the institutional framework, if any and then tried to provide some policy prescriptions to overcome the existing adverse environment faced by women at the workplace. This research was conducted in 2019 and used a qualitative approach using both secondary data and primary data collected through a semi-structured questionnaire with twelve female officials, working at mid-level positions, from three public institutions, e.g. civil service (CS), education sector (ES), and banking sector (BS). To have an in-depth knowledge of discrimination, secondary data sources including books, government reports, and journal articles were reviewed. It was found that, society assesses women as inferior to men and considers women to give birth and manage household services only, from the perspective of Bangladesh. These devaluations of women decrease their productivity and create an unwillingness for their works. Discrimination at the workplace links the dissatisfaction in the family. It increases absenteeism in the office and creates mistrust among colleagues. The traditional social system passing through hundred years causes different treatments for males and females. Lack of quality education and traditional mindset are another reason behind. Mental dissatisfaction also increases working errors and dropouts and reduces productivity. This research argues for a few considerations to eliminate discrimination including creating much awareness, adopting gender sensitization programs, ensuring enough women in management positions, increasing gender sensitivity, setting up at least one day-care center and personal space for women in all the government institutions, equitable share of the division of labor, ensuring quality education at all levels, and regular orientation on institutional policies and procedures between staffs.

Cite this article as: Saika Shahadat , Muhammad Ihsan- Ul- Kabir;  Discrimination against Women in Mid-Level Position in Workplaces: A Case Study of the Public Institutions in Dhaka City;  Nor. Am. Aca. Res. 2020 : 3(3) : 475-509:

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