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September 2018

  Volume: 1 Issue: 4
Sanjeev Banstola, Lal Bahadur Chhetri, Keshav Raj Adhikari , Deepak Gautam and Jyoti Bhandari
Vol 1, Issue 4 ; September 2018
North American Academic Research, 1(4) 126-137, Sept 2018,
Abstract: A greenhouse epxperiment was conducted at Pokhara, Nepal during summer of 2018 to access the effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers on soil fertility and productivity of cowpea. The experiment was carried out in a completely randomized design with eight treatments and three replications. The treatments included eight selected combination of organic and inorganic nutrient sources ( Farm yard manure, Vermicompost, Poultry manure, Nitrogen Phosphorous and Potassium). The physio- chemical properties of soil, nutrient uptake on yield attributes, yield and growth parameters weere analyzed during the investigation . Result indicated that soil soil fertility has been improved where the OM was increased form 2.28-3.6% and P from 25.58 to 28.87 mg/kg in treatment containing organic fertilizer while soil pH nd N% showing no significant difference among treatments. Maximum N, P and K content in seed and straw was obtained with 50% N from vermicompost @ 0.9t/ha + 50% N from inorganic fertilizer , however pod weight, pod girth , straw yield, 100 seed weight were found non –significant. Among growth parameters, 50% N from vermi compost @ 0.9t/ha + 50% N from inorganic fertilizer enhanced the growth parameters like plant height, number of leaves per plant. Hoever number of branches, fresh weight of roots, noodles per plant was found non significant.

Cite this article as: Sanjeev Banstola, Lal Bahadur Chhetri, Keshav Raj Adhikari , Deepak Gautam and Jyoti Bhandari;  EFFECT OF NUTRIENT SOURCE ON SOIL FERTILITY AND PRODUCTIVITY OF COWPEA [Vigna unguiculata (L) WALP.];  North American Academic Research, 1(4) 126-137, Sept 2018,

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 4
Kader Mohammad Abdul, Sonam Dema
Volume 1, Issue 4; September - 2018
2018: 1(4) : 116-125
Abstract: The macro structures and microstructures was studied to get the best rotating and welded speed with the aspect of probe offset. The whole experiment and research will be explained the convenient offset and the influence in formation and mechanical parameters. The smaller offset was providing the better output in macro and micro both view. Microscopic and normal view was clearer in different aspect. Stir Zone (SZ), Thermo Mechanical Affected Zone (TMAZ) was showing different grain situation which was represent the tensile strength, formation, mechanical and formational changes in the welded area. Which can be the measuring unit to measure the bond, strength and joint strength.

Cite this article as: Kader Mohammad Abdul, Sonam Dema;  Influence of The Probe Offset on Formation And Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welding Joint of Mg/Ti Dissimilar Alloys;  2018: 1(4) : 116-125

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 4
Su Pengyu, Bashir Ahmad, Zou Lijuan
Volume 1, Issue 4; September - 2018
2018: 1(4) : 89-115
Abstract: Cancer is the leading cause of death around the world and its correct therapy is the need of time. Natural Products (NP) play a pivotal role in the cancer treatment and due to its high success and low toxicity, they catch the interest of scientists from the whole world. An approved NP, B elemene (ELE) is derived from Rhizomazedoariae which is dryrhizome formed from Curcuma phaeocaulis, Curcuma wenyujin and Curcuma kwangsiensis . ELE potentially induces in vitro and in vivo death in a variety of cancersthrough different mechanisms including apoptosis and autophagy. This review provides a comprehensive and updated overview on cancer signaling pathways targeted by ELE.

Cite this article as: Su Pengyu, Bashir Ahmad, Zou Lijuan;  Natural B Elemene Advances in Targeting Cancer Through Different Molecular Pathways;  2018: 1(4) : 89-115

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 4
Nadeem Ullah, Wang Jiny, Zhao Jin
Volume 1, Issue 4; September - 2018
2018: 1(4) : 68-88
Abstract: Lahore has been the capital of Mughal dynasty and became a prominent settlement when the Akbar ordered to make this city fortified. Other Mughal capitals in subcontinent like Delhi, Agra, and FatehpurSikri were also graced with different gardens but only Lahore came to be known as a “City of Gardens”. The available research papers, online articles, books and library archives were used as a source to assess the Mughal emperor’s inclination towards Lahore. During their rule of almost two centuries (185 years), they made Lahore almost the second capital of India. From the first Mughal emperor, Babur, to the last sovereign of Mughal, Shah Jahan, tried to make it more and more beautiful city of gardens in the sub-continent. Mughal gardens always had a prevailing effect on architectural history and design which is distinguished by the countenance of art, culture, and values of Islam. Mughal gardens of Lahore have a powerful impact on architectural history and design in many parts of the world. The photo of Lahore as the "Garden City" of Asia was preserved until the start of the twentieth century but now changed due to rapid urbanization around and inside the memorials and gardens. These historical monuments should be preserved and saved as historical heritage.

Cite this article as: Nadeem Ullah, Wang Jiny, Zhao Jin;  Mughal Gardens And Assessment of Mughal Empireres’s Inclination Towards Lahore, Pakistan;  2018: 1(4) : 68-88

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 4
M Nurul Islam
Volume 1, Issue 4; September - 2018
2018: 1(4) : 56-67
Abstract: Presently women empowerment is a very popular notion. Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) is the pioneer defense service to induct female officers in the year 2000. BAF started empowerment of women through this induction. Today quite a good number of female officers are working here beside their male counterparts. Active participation of female in BAF has not only empowered them in the office but also enhance their dignity and status at home and in the society. Presence of female officers in the working environment of various arenas of BAF encouraged other womenfolk of our country to come forward and work beside males in this patriarchal society. As a result, it reduces the age-old prejudiced attitudes of males towards females. Overall it helps empowering women not only in BAF but in the society as well.

Cite this article as: M Nurul Islam;  Empowerment of Women In Bangladesh Air Force;  2018: 1(4) : 56-67

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 4
Ahmad Faraz Hussain, Polash Kumar Das, Prabhat Ranjan
Volume 1, Issue 4; September - 2018
2018: 1(4) : 43-55
Abstract: In recent years, Wireless sensor networks have achieved an attention on a world level. These consist of small sensors with limited power , limited resources and high efficient that can be developed for applications including smart homes, smart grids, health care, tracking, security, industrial control etc. Remote monitoring and controlling are two important aspects of WSNs. The central node collect data from distributed nodes, process the data, which enable individual to monitor and control the environment. Using this system users can conveniently know certain parameters of a building, such as temperature of a certain place, intruder on the main gate, water level of tank and send a control signal to on or off the tank motor.

Cite this article as: Ahmad Faraz Hussain, Polash Kumar Das, Prabhat Ranjan;  Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network For Building Safety Monitoring;  2018: 1(4) : 43-55

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 4
Muhammad Siddique, Z. B. Junaid
Volume 1, Issue 4; September - 2018
2018: 1(4) : 12-42
Abstract: This study attempts to carry out an analysis of the packaged milk industry of Pakistan in detail. The study employees the case study methodology to study the brand management prognostications of the packaged milks. This research takes into account major producers of Pakistan’s Milk industry. The brand management effectiveness used by these milk producers have been examined by developing a conceptual framework which was tested by using statistical tools. This study has carried out in-depth analysis to find out Macro and micro objectives, firstly to study consumers preferences of packaged milk industry in Pakistan in relation to brand management activities of milk producers. Secondly, to analyze the level of customers loyalty and consumer awareness with various packaged milk brands. Findings of the study show that customers are largely effected by the marketing and advertising techniques of these brands and switch their preferences. The study recommends that in order to meet the rapidly changing scenario of the business world, the milk producers need to lay greater emphasis on strategic brand management practices.

Cite this article as: Muhammad Siddique, Z. B. Junaid;  Brand Management Prognostications : The Case of Packaged Milk Industry of Pakistan;  2018: 1(4) : 12-42

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 4
Hussenbocus Yoosuf Ali AM, Babajee Phil JJ, Lingyun Sun
Volume 1, Issue 4; September - 2018
2018: 1(4) : 01-11
Abstract: Systemic lupus erythematous (SLE) is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease affecting mostly women. It is heterogenic disease involving multiple organs. The mainstay therapy is glucocorticoids, immunosuppressive and antimalarial drugs. Even though these drugs helped in improving the prognosis of the patients, there are a lot of side effects associated with them. This has recently paved the way for a new kind of treatment, which are the biologics. They work by targeting key molecules at specific places. The newly tested one for SLE includes biologics that target B cells, T cells and cytokines. As of now only Belimumab has recently been approved by FDA with many still under experiment. If, succeeded, this could revolutionize the way SLE is treated. This review gives a general description about biologics targeting B cells in the treatment of SLE.

Cite this article as: Hussenbocus Yoosuf Ali AM, Babajee Phil JJ, Lingyun Sun;  An Overview of B Cell Targeted Biologics In The Treatment of SLE;  2018: 1(4) : 01-11

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