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November 2018

  Volume: 1 Issue: 6
Shreyoshi Biswas
Volume 1, Issue 6; November-2018
North American Academic Research, 1(6) 82-89, Nov 2018
Abstract: The Aerva lanata belongs to the family Amaranthaceae and has the high medicinal values. The present study focused on in vitro regeneration of plant through tissue culture techniques and induction of hairy roots from stem internode explants by using various Agrobacterium rhizogenesstrains such as A4, A4T and A4RS. Multiple shoots were induced from the stem explants on the MS medium contain BAP 0.5 mg/l and IAA0.25 mg/l. Around 5.42 ±2.11 shoots were observed per explant with average shoot length of 2.19 ±1.2 cm. After 3-4 weeks of incubation the cultures were transferred to root induction medium containing 0.5 to 1.0 mg/l of IBA. Root initiation was occurred in 7-10 days on a half-strength MS medium supplemented with 0.5 mg/lIBA. Healthy plants transferred to green house were infected with bacterial strains A4, A4T and A4RS for hairy root formation from internodes. The explants infected with A4RS strain showed maximum hairy root emergence within 8-10 dayswhereas, A4 and A4T strains fail to t influence hairy root emergence.Strain A4RS was proved to be more virulent than A4 and A4Twith highest transformation frequency of 83.33 %.

Cite this article as: Shreyoshi Biswas;  Establishment of in vitro regeneration protocol and development of hairy root culture in Aerva lanata with Agrobacterium rhizogenes;  North American Academic Research, 1(6) 82-89, Nov 2018

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 6
Latif Amadu, Syed Muhammad Sikandar, Vincent Ekow Arkorful, Abubakari Sadiq Mohammed, Nurudeen Abdul-Rahman, Abdul-Rahim Ahmed
Volume 1, Issue 6; November-2018
2018: 1(6) : 90-105
Abstract: With the growing speed of Social Network Sites (SNSs) accelerated recently, there are increasing concerns about the possibility of young students’ engagement in negative behaviours. Children of today are considered as digital natives because of their capabilities to simultaneously undertake many things at the same time. This study aimed at investigating factors affecting social network usage by Ghanaian students. To achieve the objectives, SPSS software was used to analyze data. The quantitative research method was employed. A total of 200 students were randomly surveyed for the study. In this study it was revealed that perceived enjoyment, technology accessibility, self-efficacy, perceived usefulness and perceived ease-of-use really have influence on the attitude of the use of technology. One of the challenge for this research was that, it did not cover most of the Senior High Schools in northern Ghana. The study, amongst other things recommends to school authorities to regulate the use of smart phones on campus.

Cite this article as: Latif Amadu, Syed Muhammad Sikandar, Vincent Ekow Arkorful, Abubakari Sadiq Mohammed, Nurudeen Abdul-Rahman, Abdul-Rahim Ahmed;  Factors Affecting Social Network Usage By Ghanaian Students;  2018: 1(6) : 90-105

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 6
Arshad Ullah Jadoon, Sajad Ali, Muhammad Tahir
Volume 1, Issue 6; November-2018
2018: 1(6) : 64-81
Abstract: The study examined the relationship and effect of working capital management (WCM) on the performance of the firm profitability (ROA, ROE, PM) of the textile industry of Pakistan for a period of 2008 to 2017. Working capital management is the part of asset structure which is the relationship of current asset and current liabilities, which are liquidated within one year or less. The purposive sampling techniques were used. The data includes eight variables; Profitability of the firm is used as dependent variable, Size of firm is selected as control variable whiles the remaining six are selected as independent variables. For the relationship of variables the correlation analysis was used andfor validity and hypothesis testing variance Inflation Factor (VIF) test was performed to support the validity of the regression analysis. The study used the panel data; the results of the Chow Test and Hausman Test recommend Fixed Effects Model. The finding of the study with the help of the correlation matrix reveals that all the independent variables have positive and significance correlated with the dependent variable with exception of App and ITID. 18.24% variation in the dependent variable (NOP) is explained by the independent variables. The result shows that Average Payment Period, Inventory Turnover in Days, Quick Ratio and Firm Size show a positive and significant impact on firm profitability. While Average Collection Period, Cash Conversion Cycle, Current Ratio have a negative and significant relationship with net operating profitability. Results suggest that firm can improve their profitability by reducing the number of days accounts receivable are outstanding, Cash conversion cycle could be explained with the bargaining power of supplier and the customers minimizing the investment in current asset can help in boosting the profit.

Cite this article as: Arshad Ullah Jadoon, Sajad Ali, Muhammad Tahir;  The Effect of Working Capital Management on The Profitability of The Textile Industry of Pakistan;  2018: 1(6) : 64-81

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 6
Hashim Ali, Maqsood Ali Jamali, Mehnaz, Benqian Li, Putri Rakhamad Hani Nur Rimbawati
Volume 1, Issue 6; November-2018
2018: 1(6) : 46-63
Abstract: The distribution network of Sainsbury is quite good, but the problem is that in UK many competitors around, therefore everyone trying to bit each other in every respect. Sainsbury’s always have high concentration the customer’s online orders. They mostly caring about the socioeconomically and environmental problems which Sainsbury is facing during thedelivering of products. The head office taking orders from the regional stores, and then forward to the warehouses for deliveryThe objective of this study is to assess the availability of information for the supply chain and as well as duration. This study also finds out that how the nature of supply chain brings about the usefulness of all those information, which are related to decision making. The purpose to work on this area is to get knowledge about the factors, which affect the supply chain, and as well as decision making with special reference to Sainsbury UK. This study is based on literature review and interviews from the expert of supply chain working in Sainsbury’s; this will be the brief summary of useful information that can be used for the decision-making in Sainsbury retailer supply chain.This research intends to study the usefulness of supply chain of Sainsbury in UK. It is very important that the knowledge experience of understanding the information about supply chain bring achievement towards it.

Cite this article as: Hashim Ali, Maqsood Ali Jamali, Mehnaz, Benqian Li, Putri Rakhamad Hani Nur Rimbawati;  What Factors Contribute to Efficient Management of The Supply Chain of Supermarket Within UK Retailers? Case Study—Sainsbury Supermarket PLC Supply Chain;  2018: 1(6) : 46-63

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 6
Mukhtiar Hussain Ibupoto, Abdul Jalil Mirjat,Sagheer Hussain Dahar, Zareen Qadir Memon, Kashif Ali
Volume 1, Issue 6; November-2018
2018 : 1 (6) : 25-45
Abstract: Purpose:Child marriage is stated as opprobrium for human society. Hence, child attains less than 18 years of the age. Thus, the parents, families, and communities as urged to marry off the daughters/girls at an early age in the societies. In addition to this, the study intends to determine out the determinants, strategies and essential reasons for child marriage in Upper Sindh- Pakistan. Approach/methodology/design:The approaches as comprised of the qualitative and quantitative (Mixed method) employed for data acquisition as well analysis for this study. Findings: This study has found the various determinants and the specific facts of child marriage in human society. Thus these facts are like this: fiscal support, low status of daughters, inadequate education, unfortunate situation, cultural and religious trends among the communities, the safety of virginity of the daughters, burden of daughters on the parents and families, dowry matter for daughters. Besides to this, child marriage reasons the death of women at child bear and resort to the various diseases to the women in society. Implications: This study may be fruitful for exploring out the hidden factors of child marriage and how to control the child marriage in human society. Henceforth, the findings may deepen the literature and undertake such steps for controlling and banning child marriage in society. Originality/value: - The study may provide meaningful evidence regarding child marriage and expose the positive factors reasoning the marriage in human society.

Cite this article as: Mukhtiar Hussain Ibupoto, Abdul Jalil Mirjat,Sagheer Hussain Dahar, Zareen Qadir Memon, Kashif Ali;  Determinants of Child Marriage among Adolescent Girls in Upper Sindh -Pakistan: Sociological analysis;  2018 : 1 (6) : 25-45

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 6
Sayibu Muhideen, Sulemana Iddrisu, Arslan Ahmed, Syed Mazahir Kazmi, Ali Hammad
Volume 1, Issue 6; November-2018
2018: 1(6) : 12-24
Abstract: The advancing technology in the worldwide-web has enabled information communication at a fingertip, transmit easily via; newsfeed, pictures, adverts, videos, games, immediately. The Social Media front its didactic and entertaining, which requires distinctive cultural and moral values, due to the negative impact its comes within recent times. The researchers sought to explore the relationship in social media to age, gender, and individual satisfaction. Amalgam with the Uses and Gratification Theory (UGT), with three core objectives; 1) “Why do people use the social media”? 2) Explore the underlying motives by individuals’ sharing pictures and videos in the social media. 3) The effects of SMP on the individual. The research employeda mixed method through interviews, observation, and online data collection. With 155 response used in the analysis, using IBM-SPSS v.23. the results show that, among all the five coded themes, popularity is highly rated, as user needs satisfaction and communication of expressing issues to relieve pains and boredom. Even though most of the pictures and videos often shared also meant to deceive, show sentiment, prestige, and communication of personal issues to the public. The researcher concludes that the use of social media photography (SMP) it is an inevitable technology, the user should not affect others nor society. The authority of such media should control the waves by crosschecking on every uploaded picture or video to ensure sanity in the media spectrum, especially on Facebook.

Cite this article as: Sayibu Muhideen, Sulemana Iddrisu, Arslan Ahmed, Syed Mazahir Kazmi, Ali Hammad;  Gratification of Social Media Pictography (SMP): The case of Facebook and WhatsApp;  2018: 1(6) : 12-24

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 6
Ahmed Safwat Nafey, Ahmed Mahrous Norelden
Volume 1, Issue 6; November-2018
2018: 1(6) : 01-11
Abstract: Steam injection is the thermal method in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) that adds heat to the reservoir to reduce oil viscosity and improve oil recovery. Simulation programs are important tools to monitor and evaluate steam distribution network especially unequal splitting of the liquid and vapor phases may occur at (tee junction) distribution network. This paper presents two empirical models of phase splitting through T-junction (Seeger and Chien). These two models are evaluated numerically using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) calculation by ANSYS FLUENT software. These evaluation techniques show that Seeger model more representative for the phase splitting prediction of the T-junction.

Cite this article as: Ahmed Safwat Nafey, Ahmed Mahrous Norelden;  CFD Evaluation of Empirical Models for Phase Splitting Through T-Junction;  2018: 1(6) : 01-11

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