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February 2019

  Volume: 2 Issue: 2
Hongzhong Fan, Mirza Nouman Ali Talib
Volume 2, Issue 2; February-2019
2019 : 2(2) : 112-121
Abstract: Considering the manufacturing sector of India and its limited growth, this study analyzes the impact of manufacturing output on economic growth from 1981-2014. Along with manufacturing output, we have taken gross capital formation and population growth as control variables. For short and long run estimates, we have considered the ARDL bound testing approach. For analyzing the directional causality between variables, we have considered granger causality test. According to error correction model, our findings exhibit the significantly positive long-run relationship of manufacturing output, gross capital formation and population growth with economic growth in India. However, granger causality presents only unidirectional causality of population causing manufacturing output and capital formation. Whereas, no causality has been found between manufacturing output and economic growth. The study implies that with human resource abundance, policy makers should emphasize on the capital growth to enhance the capacities of manufacturing sector in India. Though manufacturing sector has established a positive relationship with economic growth but needs dire attention with sectoral reforms that may increase manufacturing productivity causing economic growth in the country.

Cite this article as: Hongzhong Fan, Mirza Nouman Ali Talib;  Manufacturing Output and Economic Growth in India:An ARDL Bound Testing Approach and Granger Causality;  2019 : 2(2) : 112-121

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  Volume: 2 Issue: 2
Mehnaz, Muhammad Hussnain, Maqsood Ali Jamali, Shafqatulla Shaikh
Volume 2, Issue 2; February-2019
2019 : 2(2) : 93-111
Abstract: The objectives of this study were to explore the association between determinants of job satisfaction & organizational commitment among the academic staff of public sector colleges. Faculty members are satisfied with different dimension of the job such as pay, promotional opportunities and working condition and identify those factors that have major influenced on satisfaction of job and commitment with the organization of the public sectors colleges of Shaheed Benazirabad division. This study based on the survey research design had been used. The sample size of this research is 263 of the teachers of the public sectors colleges of Shaheed Benazirabad division, Pakistan sample were acquiring by using stratified sampling techniques. For the data collection questionnaire were distributed to person to person by hand different statistical tools like descriptive statistics, correlation & regression analysis were applied in order to check the hypotheses. Findings of this study discovered that all the three factors (pay, promotional opportunities and working condition) are co-related and have a significant influence on the organizational commitment regarding the public sectors colleges of Shaheed Benazirabad divisions. It has been found that pay & working condition are highly correlated with organizational commitment. The results of this study approve that there are positive association exits between satisfaction of job and organizational commitment. Faculty members of the public sectors colleges are overall satisfied with their job and they show significant level of commitment with the organization.

Cite this article as: Mehnaz, Muhammad Hussnain, Maqsood Ali Jamali, Shafqatulla Shaikh;  Determinates of Job Satisfaction and Its Impact on The Organization Commitment Evidence : From The Academic of Public Sector Colleges of Shaheed Benazirabad;  2019 : 2(2) : 93-111

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  Volume: 2 Issue: 2
Mona Alariqi, Adnan Alsanoy, Ibtisam Azzan
Volume 2, Issue 2; February-2019
2019 : 2(2) : 75-92
Abstract: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is one of the significant economic indicators for countries. The correct methods for predicting the volume of GDP must be taken into consideration which specifies the effect in terms of its procrastination. Conceptually, the modern analysis approach for time series and causal study (Granger approach) based on Vector auto regression (VAR) toward the formation of E-views programs and models. This paper displays a novel approach of using a VAR model to prove and improve the relationship between GDP and Gross Agricultural Capital Formation (GACF) in Yemen. Consequently, it reflects a country's gross production such as services or commodities in the year, which demonstrate the country's general economic condition. Multiple data resources which are collected from; ingredient critical resource is the Central Statistics Authority.

Cite this article as: Mona Alariqi, Adnan Alsanoy, Ibtisam Azzan;  Using VAR Model for GDP and GACF Correlation Prediction in Yemen;  2019 : 2(2) : 75-92

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  Volume: 2 Issue: 2
Md. Shariful Islam
Volume 2, Issue 2; February-2019
2019 : 2(2) : 65-74
Abstract: Recently, the corrosion of concrete structures has received considerable attention related to deterioration of sea-side and industrial-side structures, such new airport, bridges, and nuclear power plants, etc. In this regards, many studies have been done on the chloride and sulphate attack in concrete structures. An experimental study is carried out on the corrosion behavior of st bar which is placed at the center of the concrete block (size 6in*4in*4in). These blocks are submerged in chloride and sulphate ion solution for weight loss measurement due to corrosion. In this experiment test was carried out using plain steel bar of dimension 8mm in diameter and 150 mm in length. The present study allows a more realistic assessment of durability for such concrete structures which is subjected to the combined attack of both chloride and sulphate. The test results indicate that, the corrosion rate due to the attack of chloride ion is more than the attack of sulphate ion. The corrosion rate due to the attack of chloride and sulphate ion is a linear function. The purposes of the study is to explore the influences of chloride and sulphate attack of concrete structures.

Cite this article as: Md. Shariful Islam;  Corrosion of Steel in Concrete Due To Chloride and Sulphate Attack;  2019 : 2(2) : 65-74

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  Volume: 2 Issue: 2
Silohenda H. Amuthenu
Volume 2, Issue 2; February-2019
2019 : 2(2) : 48-64
Abstract: The Organization for Economic Co-operation Development (OECD,2005) figures of Australian teachers leaving their careers within the first five years of teaching is worrisome. Especially when compared to the fellow Programmers for International Student Assessment (PISA) competitors' figures. Not only does job satisfaction remains a determinant of teachers’ retention (Giacometti, 2005), it as well affects the performance of individual’s teachers in the classrooms. Although gender as a demographic factor has been exhausted across literature in relation to job satisfaction, the study was significant in the continued extinction of male teachers in the country. Hence, the study looked at gender and other variables such as employability status and teaching of students with special need against job satisfaction as a depended variable. This quantitative study used data that is collected by the Organization for Economic Co-operation (2013) and Development (OECD) and the Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS, 2013). It used a teacher questionnaire as the main instrument of data collection. Using both descriptive statistics and inferential statistics, the study concludes that gender plays a role in job satisfaction of lower secondary teachers in Australia. Specifically, our results suggest that female teachers are more satisfied as compared to male teachers, therefore offering an explanation for the outcry of the extinction of male teachers. This paper suggests a possible solution in ensuring Australian experienced teachers of both genders are retained, therefore offering a possible chance of improvement in the next PISA results.

Cite this article as: Silohenda H. Amuthenu;  An Australian Analysis of Teacher’s Demographics on the Overall Job Satisfaction;  2019 : 2(2) : 48-64

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  Volume: 2 Issue: 2
Md. Salahuddin, Md. Monirul Islam, Dibyendu Chattarjee, S.M.Jakir Bin Alam
Volume 2, Issue 2; February-2019
2019 : 2(2) : 42-47
Abstract: Callus induction and subsequent regeneration were investigated on MS medium supplemented with different concentrations (0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 mg l-1) of 2, 4-D; Kinetin (1.0mgl-1) and NAA (0.5 mg l-1) from different explants i.e., mature seed embryo and cotyledon explants of three varieties (BARI chhola-5, BARI chhola-6 and BARI chhola-7) of chickpea. Direct regeneration was observed at 0mgL-1 of 2, 4-D in case of embryo culture. Among three varieties BARI Chola-6 induced highest (91.33%) rate of callus. It is noticed that variety BARI Chola-6 produced maximum callus (98.67%) whereas minimum callus frequencies was found in BARI Chola-5 (96.67%) in the case of cotyledon culture. The overall response of cotyledon was better than embryo in callus induction. For regeneration of plant full dose of MS medium supplemented with different concentrations of BAP, NAA and IAA was used.

Cite this article as: Md. Salahuddin, Md. Monirul Islam, Dibyendu Chattarjee, S.M.Jakir Bin Alam;  Effect of 2, 4-D on Callus Induction and Plant Regeneration in Cotyledon And Embryo Culture In Mature Chick Pea (Cicer arietinum L.);  2019 : 2(2) : 42-47

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  Volume: 2 Issue: 2
S. M. Jakir Bin Alam, Dr. Md. Aslam Ali, Nisat Tasnim, Fahinur Rahman Shatil, Md. Salahuddin
Volume 2, Issue 2; February-2019
2019 : 2(2) : 31-41
Abstract: The main objective of the research was to introduce people awareness about earthquake by the respondents of houses (single, double and multi storage buildings). Eight characteristics were identified to accomplish the survey. These are age, education and family size of the respondents, causes of earthquake, knowledge about earthquake, vulnerability of earthquake and awareness of earthquake. Result of earthquake. The study was conducted in different wards of Sylhet City Corporation. Data were collected from a sample of randomly selected 72 families out of 700 families. The data were collected through personal interview by using a pre-tested structured interview schedule during the period from October to November. The results presented that majority 55.5 percent of the respondents had medium earthquake awareness, compared to 16.70 percent having high earthquake awareness 27.8 percent having medium earthquake awareness. Though most of the respondents had medium 43.10 percent knowledge about earthquake compared to 15.30 percent having high knowledge about earthquake 41.10 percent having low knowledge about earthquake. Moreover the percentage of earthquake vulnerability was high 38.90 compared to 25.00 percent of low 36.10 percent of medium earthquake vulnerability. Above the statement we clear that most of the respondents did not take any suggestions from engineers before building a house. The result is due to lack of proper training by the Govt. or NGO,s they were not so much aware about earthquake. For this reason, during after earthquake most of the respondents affected in vulnerable condition.

Cite this article as: S. M. Jakir Bin Alam, Dr. Md. Aslam Ali, Nisat Tasnim, Fahinur Rahman Shatil, Md. Salahuddin;  Peoples' Awareness on Earthquake Vulnerabilities in Sylhet City Corporation;  2019 : 2(2) : 31-41

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  Volume: 2 Issue: 2
Kafil Uddin Abbas, Dingshi Feng
Volume 2, Issue 2; February-2019
2019 : 2(2) : 22-30
Abstract: Fluconazole is another all-inclusive range azole antifungal that has shown in vitro and in vivo movement. This report gives the outcomes from the initial 24 patients who were enlisted in two open-mark, nonrandomized, multicentered sympathetic preliminaries that assessed oral Fluconazole as rescue treatment for intrusive parasitic diseases. Fluconazole was normally given as an oral suspension of 200 mg four times each day or 400 mg two times every day. Eleven (46%) of the contaminations were rhinocerebral. Term of Fluconazole treatment extended from 8 to 1,004 days (mean, 292 days; middle, 182 days). Rates of fruitful treatment (finish fix and halfway reaction) were 79% in 19 subjects headstrong to standard treatment and 80% in 5 subjects with narrow mindedness to standard treatment. In general, 19 of 24 subjects (79%) endure contamination. Survival was additionally connected with careful resection of influenced tissue and adjustment or enhancement of the subjects' basic ailments. Disappointments either had compounding of hidden sicknesses or asked for all treatment pulled back; none of the disappointments got over 31 days of Fluconazole . Fluconazole oral arrangement was all around endured and was stopped in just a single subject because of a medication rash. Fluconazole seems promising as an oral treatment in patients who get required medical procedure and control their fundamental disease.

Cite this article as: Kafil Uddin Abbas, Dingshi Feng;  Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) Patient Management In The ICU : Fluconazole Case Study;  2019 : 2(2) : 22-30

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  Volume: 2 Issue: 2
Md Ariful Haque, Mahedi Hasan, Sharif Mohammad Faysal
Volume 2, Issue 2; February-2019
2019 : 2(2) : 11-21
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to weigh the community burden of dengue determinants on Dhaka, Bangladesh. Risk factors were investigated within a subset of 2101 adult persons from a population-based cross-sectional serosurvey, using Poisson regression models for dichotomous outcomes. Design-based risk ratios and population attributable fractions (PAF) were generated distinguishing individual and contextual (i.e. that affect individuals collectively) determinants. The disease burden attributable to contextual determinants was twice that of individual determinants (overall PAF value 89.5% vs. 44.1%). In a model regrouping both categories of determinants, the independent risk factors were by decreasing PAF values: an interaction term between the reporting of a dengue history in the neighbourhood and individual house (PAF 45.9%), a maximal temperature of the month preceding the infection higher than 28.5 °C (PAF 25.7%), a socio-economically disadvantaged neighbourhood (PAF 19.0%), altitude of dwelling (PAF 13.1%), cumulated rainfalls of the month preceding the infection higher than 65 mm (PAF 12.6%), occupational inactivity (PAF 11.6%), poor knowledge on dengue transmission (PAF 7.3%). Taken together, these covariates and their underlying causative factors uncovered 80.8% of dengue at population level. Our findings lend support to a major role of contextual risk factors in dengue outbreaks.

Cite this article as: Md Ariful Haque, Mahedi Hasan, Sharif Mohammad Faysal;  Dengue in Bangladesh: The Study of Disease Transmission, Difficulties and Future Sickness Hazard;  2019 : 2(2) : 11-21

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  Volume: 2 Issue: 2
Bismillah Shah, Yani Duan, Hassan Naveed, Yating Zhang
Volume 2, Issue 2; February-2019
2019 : 2(2) : 01-10
Abstract: The present study was carried out at Insect Taxonomy Laboratory, School of Plant Protection, Anhui Agricultural University, Hefei, China during 2018. Leafhoppers (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) are minute insects creature having an active jumping ability. They usually feed on different plants sap and are considered as agricultural pests while some leafhoppers are the vector of many plant viruses. In China, the green leafhopper, Cicadella viridis (L.) is also a serious pest as they attack many fruit trees plus various crops like wheat and sorghum. Keeping in view the importance of green leafhoppers in the agroecosystem, already collected Cicadella viridis (L.) specimens from China were studied and their well-illustrated photographs plus line drawings along with their male genitalia are provided. Their morphological description is also documented for ease in their identification.

Cite this article as: Bismillah Shah, Yani Duan, Hassan Naveed, Yating Zhang;  Study on the Diagnostic Features of Green Leafhopper Cicadella viridis (L.) (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Cicadellinae) from China;  2019 : 2(2) : 01-10

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