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December 2018

  Volume: 1 Issue: 7
Arslan Ahmed Ansari, Sayibu Muhideen, Narain Das, Abdul Rahman Butt
Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
2018: 1(7): 01-25
Abstract: SMEs are a key pillar in the local government developmental systems of the economy in the spectrum of Input-Process-Output (IPO) modeling of the innovative performance of the study. The study aims to incorporate government supports with the mediating effect of human capital dynamics to influencing absorptive capacity in an outcome of innovative performance for SMEs. Data collected from 128 SMEs operating Anhui-Hefei, China and used SEM-PLS v. 3.0 in the analysis. The findings reflected the inputs (government support and human capital dynamics) possess strong relationship in the impacting process (absorptive capacity) and output (innovative performance). Government support had an inverse relationship with innovative performance. All other variables correlated well with innovative performance. Finally, the study found most GS are either limited or not available if there are no strong network ties in the hierarchy of government.

Cite this article as: Arslan Ahmed Ansari, Sayibu Muhideen, Narain Das, Abdul Rahman Butt;  Governmental Support in the Human Capital Dynamism and Absorptive Capacity: Innovative Performance of SMEs in Hefei;  2018: 1(7): 01-25

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 7
Ashikur Rahman
Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
2018 : 1 (7) : 166-169
Abstract: Friction is the resistance of motion between to surfaces and wear is the set of adhesion, transfer, abrasion, fatigue and oxidation. Both are the responses of tribo-system. Friction and wear vary in material type and also their temperature, pressure and load effect. In tribo-system, both are related to each other. Sliding speed and contact frequency are another causes of friction and wear. In this study, some papers are reviewed to gather knowledge about the friction and wear characteristics in different materials type and conditions (pressure, temperature and load effect).

Cite this article as: Ashikur Rahman;  Study on Different Types of Friction and Wear – Recent Advancements;  2018 : 1 (7) : 166-169

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 7
Edeh Emmanuel Chidiebere, Wang Hui
Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
2018 : 1 (7) : 144-165
Abstract: Over the past four decades, with the increase in globalization of higher education there has been an increase in number of student’s mobility to study abroad. Students have not only found interest in developed countries of Europe and America, but also found interest in developing countries like China India and south Africa. Since china renewed interest to cooperate with Africa through the platform of FOCAC the number of African students travelling to china for studies has relatively increased. This paper analyzes China's education aid to Africa through a case study of Nigeria. Nigeria is among the strategic countries in Africa’s cooperation with China through FOCAC. China’s education aid encompasses higher education and vocational training, Chinese language instruction in developing countries, school construction, and collaboration with multilateral organizations. Since the past decades Chinese university scholarships and vocational training programs as well as Chinese-language instruction have grown sharply. this paper also discussed the Four aspects of China’s education aid to Africa ranging from: (i) Confucius Institutes, which are providing language and culture-related training in host countries; (ii) longer term scholarships and short-term training for Nigerians in China; (iii) school construction and stand-alone education projects. In reviewing how these different types of aid are taking place in Nigeria, it will also be important to examine the modalities for their delivery. This paper focuses particularly on the last 2 decades, and especially the period since the start of the formal Sino-African triennial conferences through the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in 2000.

Cite this article as: Edeh Emmanuel Chidiebere, Wang Hui;  China-Nigeria Cooperation In Education And Training: A Comparative Analysis;  2018 : 1 (7) : 144-165

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 7
Abdullah Al Kawsar, Sajid Muhaimeen Chowdhur
Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
2018 : 1 (7) : 130-143
Abstract: An ordinary 12V lead acid battery charger not having any intelligence, charges the battery with random voltage/current. Sometimes charging a 12V lead acid battery, it absorbs high current. Which damages its long life and it is undesirable. For battery long life, we provided an intelligent charger that will charge the battery intelligently by measuring and controlling current & voltage. Actually, the charger fixes the current & voltage whenever needed by changing its duty cycle. A PIC16F690 with necessary program is used to provide intelligence of the charger. The charger uses closed-loop feedback control of battery current to automatically regulate the charging voltage using buck conversion. The charging state starts with constant current then it continues with constant voltage until decreases current ratting and eventually voltage also decreases to a float value till charging complete. Since it is a microcontroller and chip based project and having longevity of battery life, the charger is proven as cost effective. An LCD can show us the input variation time to time. The entire system has been simulated and the final design has been constructed in breadboard to measure performance. A PCB of the design is also done.

Cite this article as: Abdullah Al Kawsar, Sajid Muhaimeen Chowdhur;  Low Cost 12V Lead Acid Battery Intelligent Charger;  2018 : 1 (7) : 130-143

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 7
M. Karthikeyan,Zhou Deyi, Kidane Assefa
Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
2018 : 1 (7) :119-129
Abstract: This paper analyses and compare the both country’s organic farming in order to give an overview for developing countries. Recent years the chemical input in land will cause issues and reduce the yield. This study compares the chemical input level in agriculture sector, on the other hand the opportunity to reduce the chemical input is organic farming. The acceptance level of organic farming by farmers and producers gives wide range of research ideas in future for the development of sustainable agriculture in China and India. A deep insight was sought from the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture that makes various publications on global state of organic farming. This research is a comparative study that is restricted to organic farming which has analyses the input level of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the acceptance level of organic farming to reduce the chemical consumption in agriculture and way forward to sustainable development.

Cite this article as: M. Karthikeyan,Zhou Deyi, Kidane Assefa;  Acceptance of Organic Farming and The Fertilizer Consumption In India and China – A Comparative Study;  2018 : 1 (7) :119-129

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 7
Tariq Mehmood Bhuttah, Chen Xiaoduan, Hakim Ullah, Amna Bibi
Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
2018 : 1 (7) : 109-118
Abstract: The present study aims to review and analyze the concept of curriculum and its development and the factors which are important in the development of curriculum. The term curriculum was defined by different educationalists in their own way. Some argued that it is a written document, some said that it is a mode of thought, other holds that it is a skill that how to do? etc. There are also various factors like curriculum design, implementation and evaluation which are essential for the development of curriculum. The first and foremost way to define the curriculum is through modeling. Basically the models of curriculum development are serving as guidelines to action and there are various models for the development of curriculum. But the analyses of two major models of curriculum which I use in this article are the method of Ralph Tyler (deductive/classical) and Hilda Taba(inductive/naturalistic). There is a much stress on the planning and evaluation of teacher in every model of curriculum development. According to Tyler four questions are important to shape the curriculum during its development while on the other hand the focus of Taba was on teachers input during curriculum development. These two models play a crucial and different role in the process of curriculum development. Aims and objectives are very essential in the Tyler’s classical model, while aims and objectives are only means/ ends in the Taba’s naturalistic model of curriculum development.

Cite this article as: Tariq Mehmood Bhuttah, Chen Xiaoduan, Hakim Ullah, Amna Bibi;  Curriculum Development: “An Analysis of The Tyler and Taba Model”;  2018 : 1 (7) : 109-118

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 7
Chistear Ahmed Khan, Shanzhifei, Wang Muxue, Sunjida Afrin
Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
2018 : 1 (7) : 94-108
Abstract: As of November 2017, China has built eight 1000kV UHV AC projects and ten ±800kV UHV DC projects. It has formed an “Eight Crossing and Ten Straight” UHV backbone grid. The safe and reliable operation of the transmission line largely determines the stability and safety of the entire UHV transmission system. In order to fully guarantee the reliable operation of the transmission line, it is necessary to supply the state-of-the-art condition monitoring technology on the UHV transmission line. In the article the existing transmission line condition monitoring technology is analyzed and summarized, including on-line monitoring technology such as insulator contamination monitoring, lightning monitoring, environmental monitoring, and wire breeze vibration monitoring, as well as infrared detection, ultraviolet detection, ultrasonic detection, electric field detection, etc. The demonstration gives suggestions on the advantages and disadvantages of various technologies and their application in UHV lines. With explanation and reasoning authors have suggested to use mature technologies such as environmental monitoring, wire breeze vibration monitoring, infrared detection and ultraviolet detection in UHV Lines.

Cite this article as: Chistear Ahmed Khan, Shanzhifei, Wang Muxue, Sunjida Afrin;  Application of Condition Monitoring Technologies for UHVAC Transmission Lines in China;  2018 : 1 (7) : 94-108

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 7
Sanjrani MA, Memon IH, Awan BA
Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
2018: 1(4) : 89-115
Abstract: This short communication helps us to know the environmental impacts of coal mining at Lakhra, Sindh Province, Pakistan. A team was appointed to visit the area, visit coal mining site, as it is only underground mining, visit inside the site to ensure the health and safety. Report was made to help environmental readers to know the actual impacts overall on environment.

Cite this article as: Sanjrani MA, Memon IH, Awan BA;  Environmental Impact of Lakhra Coal Mining, Sindh province, Pakistan;  2018: 1(4) : 89-115

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 7
Dimitar Sotirov, Stanislava Dimitrova, Iliyana Krishkova
Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
2018 : 1 (7) : 64-71
Abstract: The study was carried out during 2015-2018 in an apple plantation established in the spring of 2007 at the Institute of Agriculture - Kyustendil (Bulgaria) with fifteen scab resistant apple cultivars (nine foreign and six new Bulgarian), grafted on MM 106 rootstock. The tree productivity, fruit quality and economic indicators - management costs (euro ha-1), gross output (euro ha-1), net incomes (euro ha-1), rate of profitability (%) and prime cost (euro t-1) were established. The result showed that the most productive were cultivars Teser T219, Marlena, Siyana and Gorana - with cumulative yield between 99.3 and 122.4 kg tree-1. The values of the economic indicators were influenced by the quantity and quality of the fruit and the production costs. Teser T219, Siyana, Marlena, Gorana, Florina and Besapara were the most effective cultivars from the economic point of view, with a rate of profitability above 180%.

Cite this article as: Dimitar Sotirov, Stanislava Dimitrova, Iliyana Krishkova;  Economic Assessment of Scab-Resistant Apple Cultivars in Bulgaria;  2018 : 1 (7) : 64-71

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 7
Ali Raza,Tong Guangji, Umair Kashif, Ali Abid
Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
2018 : 1(7) : 54-63
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of micro credit program on small farm agricultural production in Pakistan. The study compares farmers’ production value considering the obtainment of micro credit, controlling for farm, farms and production system characteristics. The data set consists of the 2016 Agricultural Census, which considers 5.2 million of small farmers in Pakistan. In addition to using multiple linear regression model to estimate the net impact of micro on total production value, we applied a propensity score matching method in order to identify pairs of family farms relatively homogeneous, one that accessed the credit and other that did not, estimating the average difference between their production values. Regression analysis showed that the access to micro had a positive and significant net effect on production value of around 18%. In addition, propensity score matching results seemed to exhibit similar evidence to those obtained by regression model. Farmers that obtained micro microcredit presented a production value higher than others, with the difference ranging from 6% to 20%. The impact is lower in the less developed regions, which is characterized by forestry, subsistence agriculture and low technology adoption. For more developed regions, where farmers are more specialized and integrated in the market, the micro has shown relevant net impacts on the production value.

Cite this article as: Ali Raza,Tong Guangji, Umair Kashif, Ali Abid;  Impact of Microcredit on Agricultural Development of Farmers of Rural Areas of Pakistan;  2018 : 1(7) : 54-63

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 7
Article: Cover page
Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
2018 : 1 (7) : 00-00
Abstract: Cover page

Cite this article as: NAAR;  Cover page;  2018 : 1 (7) : 00-00

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 7
Hashim Ali, Allauddin, Mehnaz, Abdul Majeed Khan
Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
2018 : 1(7) : 42-53
Abstract: Being the hallmark of culture of Afghan tribalism has constant the experiment of time and overrunning armies since Alexander. Contrasting other attacking principles, Tribalism not begrudged Islam due to the homogeneousness of ides and shared moral, values and ethics have occurred. The result of distortion of tribal culture is rising of Taliban in the Afghanistan because of anarchy dur6ting Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and Afghan interior war. The procedure of relocation outputs in different demographic structure resulting in substantial destruction in tribal structure. Condition intensified by the government that is weak management, missing by Soviet & particular insatiability, and scheming of tribal influential or privileged. The inflow of the contemporary armaments or ordinance and billions dollars of has been poisoned the Mujahedeen and they also were now ordinary casual preacher (proselytizers) preachers wanting of actual values of Islamic culture, ideas principals respect and administration of tribal’s culture. In the perception of Afghanistan abrasion in culture of tribal the caused are disorder social unfairness moral ethical decent and poverty. The religious inspired Taliban had benefited though threadbare tribalism in post-soviet period of time. They exploit the control blankness left through the tribes or communities and pathetic fundamental government in the Kabul. Taliban’s achievements were outstanding to the elements which they raised for the reason of common-man that was security. System that present in the Afghanistan has no answer of the issue or problem of the people of Afghanistan. Movement of Taliban had been intrinsic practicality of assembly headways without reasoning injury or harm to the already debilitated tribal culture. Taliban movement recharged the corroding the culture of tribal by getting peace and permanence in the Afghanistan and relationship the tribes below the umbrella of Islamic institutional through founding an Islamic state. Disaster of the tribal culture to determination the socio-governmental issues of the Afghan multitude in the post-soviet period of time surfaces approach for the conceptual based Taliban to representation and launch controller over the Afghanistan.

Cite this article as: Hashim Ali, Allauddin, Mehnaz, Abdul Majeed Khan;  Relation Between Afghanistan’s Talibanisation And Dwindled Tribalism;  2018 : 1(7) : 42-53

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  Volume: 1 Issue: 7
Mukhtiar Hussain Ibupoto, Abdul Jalil Mirjat, Sagheer Hussain Dahar, Shoukat Ali Mahar
Volume 1, Issue 7; December-2018
2018: 1(7) : 26-41
Abstract: This article is set out to investigate the determinants of unemployment in Hyderabad region –Sindh Province –Pakistan. Unemployment as a social issue is associated with the various factors such as overpopulation, low paid system, force work face, financial crisis, job vacancy, mismatch of skills and education, migration, labor –market and so forth. The quantitative method employed for the study, and focus group interviews structured out among male and female respondents. Hence, the study revealed that unemployment is the core social problem of Hyderabad region resulting in frustration and upset within the social life of the individuals. A sample of 260 respondents was taken from the targeted population, mainly focuses on the close-ended questionnaire. Further, the raw data is analyzed through (SPSS) software, and other techniques used for analyzing the statistical data Non-parametric tests, ANOVA, reliability, Linear Regression, and correlation Chi-Square test based on the collected raw data from individuals.

Cite this article as: Mukhtiar Hussain Ibupoto, Abdul Jalil Mirjat, Sagheer Hussain Dahar, Shoukat Ali Mahar;  Determinants of Unemployment: A social problem in Hyderabad Region Sindh-Pakistan;  2018: 1(7) : 26-41

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